BoardingWe offer full boarding services at Four Paws Animal Hospital at Johns Creek. You can rest assured that there is a veterinarian on duty while your pet is boarding at our hospital. Our kennel staff is trained to alert one of the doctors if there is a problem with your pet while boarding. Our kennel staff is very friendly and they take excellent care of boarding pets.

We have large indoor runs with soft, comfortable bedding available  for your dog to rest comfortably while boarding. You can leave your pet for overnight or day boarding. Dogs get walked a minimum of three times a day in our large outdoor exercise yard. You can bring your pet’s food for us to feed to him/her during the stay, or we provide Science Diet maintenance diet to all boarders. We can administer any type of medication to your pet while boarding, and can accommodate diabetic pets.

Cats are provided with a soft blanket, clean cage and litter box, and food and water daily while boarding at Four Paws Animal Hospital. We can feed your cat a special diet that you provide and can administer any medications that your cat needs while boarding.

We also provide full bathing and grooming services, and recommend that your pet gets bathed before going home from boarding. We prefer that you make a boarding reservation, especially during holidays, but we can usually accommodate a last minute boarding request.

Please call our office if you have any further questions about our boarding services.

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